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Leaking Flat Roof Repair

Introduction to Leaking Roof Repair

When you realise that your flat roof has developed a leak it is important that you do not leave it too long before having it repaired. It may only be a small amount of water that is coming through but if you leave it too long this will not always be the case. It may be a simple repair that you can easily do yourself but there is always the chance that it is a bigger job that will take you much longer or even need a professional to come and do it.

What to do First in Leaking Flat Roof Repair

It is imperative that you make sure the job is something you are capable of dealing with and also that you are going to be safe while you carry it out. It will always be best have scaffolding to get onto the roof as there are dangers in just using a ladder. You also need to make sure that once you have got onto the roof you will be safe. A flat roof will be much easier to repair than a slanted roof although you should still take care when at heights.

Once you have found the area that is causing the problem do not assume that is the only one. The water may not be leaking through a damaged piece of roofing but it is just that the water has found its way through here. Check all the surrounding areas as you may find other things to fix and you can save time and money by doing the job in one go. Carefully measure up the piece that needs to be replaced. If you fix in a piece that is too small the next time it rains there will be an easy way through. It is much easier to reduce the size to fit than end up patching bits together to try and make it fit.

Sealing the area is vitally important as rain manages to find its way through the smallest of gaps. It may seem unimportant if it is only a small amount that gets through but it can build up before you notice and when you go to start what you think is a small job you may be in for a nasty surprise. The water may not come straight through the ceiling but may try to find its way around the roof first and rather than having to replace a small piece of materiel it is a much bigger job. There could be mould that has started to grow and this will also need to be treated.

Locating the Leak

It may be that the leak can be found from indoors but there is also the chance that you will have to look from outside. If the leak is being caused by an external issue there may be a quick solution. Leaves may have gathered in the guttering and are stopping the rain from draining away. Simply clearing the gutters could solve the problem without any further work having to be carried out. If this is not the case do not give up until you have found and repaired it.

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