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Leaky Roof Repair

Introduction to Leaky Roof Repair

A leaky roof can cause any homeowner a lot of stress while they try to determine how much damage is done and how best to repair it. Replacing an entire roof can be very expensive, so most people will look for ways to repair their leaky roof for a cost cutting solution. Whether your roof has been damaged from a storm, weathering, high winds or normal wear and tear on the roof, there are many options available for leaky roof repair.

The first step in leaky roof repair is to locate the area where the roof is leaky. Most likely, you will be able to see where the leak has come through on the inside every time it rains or snows. By locating the leak or leaks on the inside, you will be able to narrow down what area of the roof needs to be checked. This will help locate the leak whether you are searching yourself or hiring a contractor. Once the damage to the roof has been assessed the different options that are available for leaky roof repair can be considered.

DIY or Contractor

You have two options when trying to do a leaky roof repair; you can either do the repair yourself or hire a contractor to do the repair for you. If you choose to fix the leaky roof yourself, there are many roof repair kits or books available that will take you step-by-step through the process and help you with your leaky roof repair. Before beginning a do-it-yourself repair, you will want to enlist the help of several people to help you because you should not attempt a roof repair alone. The damaged area should be located and completely repaired as well as the surrounding area. If your roof is still under warranty, you will not want to fix a leaky roof yourself but you should call the contractor who the warranty is under.

If you are not comfortable doing a leaky roof repair yourself, then you will want to hire a contractor to do the repair for you. When selecting a contractor, you should first get estimates from several different contractors so you will be able to at least narrow what needs to be replaced and what the average costs should be. You should also do a check on any contractor you choose to use and be sure they are able to deliver what they promise. They should be able to give you references of people they have done leaky roof repair for.

Leaky Roof Repair Options

There are many options available that will offer you help for your leaky roof repair. There are different types of products you can purchase including roof repair paint, compound, tape or sealant. Each type has its own advantages for how they are able to help with a leaky roof repair. You can select one of the products on the market or a combination of products to help repair your roof. No matter which option you select it will be substantially lower in costs to repair than replace your entire roof and if done correctly the repairs can last for many years.

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