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Convertible Roof Repair

There's nothing quite like the sense of freedom that owning a convertible sports car can bring and it's a great feeling to get the top down and enjoy the advantages of this unique type of vehicle. Convertibles really are in a class of their own, and while there's nothing quite like driving them there's also nothing quite like waking up on a wet morning only to find that your beloved convertible soft top has sprung a leak. While many people are lucky or simply live in a warm climate, the fact is if you live in the UK and have owned a number of convertibles, chances are you've experienced a leak. At some stage, you will inevitably have to perform a convertible roof repair.

Looking at the various problems with convertible soft tops, one of the most likely reasons you may need convertible roof repair is thanks to vandals and thieves. Sadly, getting your roof slashed is all too common! Other reasons for needing this service can include frayed edges, wear spots and also sun damage. Different soft tops tend to be stronger in different areas and while convertible roof repair is great to solve many issues, it's seen by many car manufacturers as only a temporary fix.

The main problem with convertible roof repair is dealing with rips and tears. The fact is to effectively repair a tear in the roof of a soft top, you'll need to stitch the tear together, seal the stitching with a waterproof adhesive, and then apply fabric on top to ensure that there's a strong seal. Despite that, the repaired patch won't nearly be as strong as the rest of the roof, and frost and other cold weather may very well cause the repair to fail.

As a result, many people simply opt to get a new roof fitted because it's the only way to ensure that your roof will remain strong. While this isn't the cheapest option it is the most effective as many convertible roof repair methods will not last forever and there's also the consideration that you won't get nearly as much for a vehicle that has signs of roof repairs.

However that being said, there are companies out there which specialize in convertible roof repair. For the most part however, their services aren't cheap and combined with the fact that the repair will never be invisible, you may very well save money in the long run by simply buying a new roof as there are a number of companies specializing in vinyl and canvas tops which really are affordable.

Ultimately, when it comes to convertible roof repair, one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle's roof lasts as long as the vehicle is to ensure that you take adequate care of the roof by ensuring it's used often, cleaned regularly and also treated. With a number of roof treatment kits available to aid in waterproofing your roof, it will not only help prevent against leaks, but it will reflect solar damage as well.

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