Roof repair

Roof Repair

When it is time to get a roof repair job done on a house, home revamp experts suggest that a homeowner gather up to five estimates from various roofing contractors. By doing this, the homeowner can take their time in selecting whom they feel will do a good job. However, price alone should not be the only criteria when selecting a good company. Too often, a homeowner will simply select their lowest estimates without evaluating other significant factors which will ultimately influence the outcome of the repair work that is to be done on the roof. It is wise to consider various issues before accepting any quote for a roof repair.

Consider Various Roofing Issues First

The homeowner should first decide on the material that they will want the roofing company to install. Based on roofing products that are chosen, quotes for a roof repair will always vary. It is best to find out the names of different roofing contractors that neighbours, colleagues and friends have used in the past and who were happy with the job that was done. They will probably give the homeowner the most reliable information concerning positive recommendations.

After getting a list of reliable contractors, the homeowner should ask for individual roofing quotes from each company. Each roofing company should have no qualms about coming to the house at any time that is most convenient for the homeowner. This includes evenings or on a Saturday. The fact that a contractor will come at a time that is more convenient for the homeowner means that they are willing to go out of their way to secure this job. The roofing contractor will give the homeowner a quote that is based on materials that will be used, the complexity of the roof repair, and whether the old roofing materials have to be taken off first. The homeowner should ask for a detailed written quote from each roofing company so as to compare the estimates for the exact same work.

The homeowner should ask each roofing company about their business experience and also the experience of each member of their roofing team. They should also ask each contractor how soon they will be able to start. What this implies is that a good roofing company is always busy. Unless the need for repair work on the roof is urgent, it is actually worthwhile for a homeowner to wait a couple of weeks for a good company. The roof repair contractor should be asked how they will be protecting the roof in the event of rain halfway through the repair job, as well as how the site will be cleared afterwards.

Ask those Questions!

Each contractor should also provide proof of having the proper licence and insurance. References should also be given to the homeowner, who should then call them. If possible, it would be a good idea for the homeowner to drive past each of these people’s homes so as to see the roof repair work first hand. A few of the roofing companies might have online portfolios or even photo albums showing the homes that they have done, and it will be worth taking a look at these. A homeowner should be able to ask as many questions of the different roofing companies as they see fit.

The homeowner should then take their time in evaluating the information that they have gathered from each roofing company. They should eliminate the companies that they were concerned about after speaking to them or after seeing their work, as well as the companies who had negative feedback from other homeowners. Once this is done, the homeowner will finally be ready to choose from the quality roofing companies who will probably do a good job. From here, a deciding factor will be each individual roofing quote.

Most homeowners cringe when bringing up the subject of roof repair. After all, roof repair can turn out to be rather expensive, especially when the homeowner does not know the actual cause of why their roof is falling into disrepair.

Factors that Could Lead to Roof Repair

  • Buckling - this happens due to poor ventilation. The repair work done on the roof will usually be minor, and all the professional roofing company will normally do is add ventilation to a small area and add new shingles.
  • When it rains and the ceiling starts to drip, it could pose a serious problem especially when buckets have to be placed on the floors so as to collect the water. Unless the roof is fairly old, it will usually be a smaller area needing some repair work done. This is quite a common problem around skylights, due to improperly installed or worn seals that need to be replaced. This might not be urgent, but the homeowner should act fast in preventing these problems from getting any worse and thus causing more damage.
  • With dry rot, the repair work can become quite expensive. This involves roofing replacement as well as replacing the underlying wooden frame structures supporting the roof. Dry rot is regarded as an urgent roof repair job as it can get worse within days. It might be necessary to repair the whole roof (which is usually the best thing to do) or a portion of the roof.

    Roof Repair Safety Tips

    If doing minor roof repair on their own, a homeowner should practise safety tips for roof repair as working on any roof is always dangerous. These safety precautions should always be kept in mind before tackling any minor roof repair:
    • A homeowner should be fully aware of power lines and where they are located.
    • Shoes that have rubber soles offer the best kind of traction while on a roof.
    • A ladder framework should be used for providing secure anchoring on a steep roof.
    • Safety measures should always be practised when doing any roof repair. Safety ropes should always be used.
    • Repair work should be done on a completely dry roof, preferably when the sun is out. Wet roofs are slippery and extremely dangerous.

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