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Fibreglass Roof Repair

Introduction to Fibreglass Roof Repair

Roofs are made out of many different materials nowadays and it is becoming popular to have them finished with fibreglass. This is a tough and strong material and while there are many benefits it does not mean that you will never have to repair them. Many companies will guarantee them to last for 30 years so when you have one fitted you know you are getting a low maintenance product. The good news is that due to their strength they will not need repairing on a regular basis and also it is possible to buy a kit that will have everything you need in it. For around 25 you can have the products you need to hand and be ready to start the repair as soon as needed.

Fibreglass Roofing

In Britain the weather is not always conducive to certain types of roofing but a fibre glass one will be ideal. The strength it has and the fact that it will rarely get damaged in the British weather we may have lots of rain but we rarely have strong hurricanes or tornadoes means that although some do need repair it is easy to do without professional help and can be fairly inexpensive in comparison to other roofs. Even the snow that we had towards the end of 2010 will not have been a problem for a fibre glass roof. The weight would have been easy to bear and once the snow melted the water will have drained away without entering the underside of the roof. The change in weather will also not be a problem as fibreglass will not be adversely affected by the sun.

The Fibreglass Roof Repair Kit

A typical kit will include all the items listed below and will also include directions as to what you should do to make the repair effective. It is vital you follow the instructions fully.
  • Roofing Resin
  • Roofing Topcoat
  • Catalyst
  • Acetone
  • Chopped Strand Matting
  • Surface Tissue
  • Calibrated Paper Mixing Cups
  • Latex Gloves it is always best to keep the substances away from the skin
  • Mixing Sticks - the mixing is an important part of the process
  • Laminating Brush by providing this you will not have to use one of the brushes you would normally use for ordinary jobs.

Carrying out the Fibreglass Roof Repair

It is easy to carry out repair to a fibre glass roof and it is safe to say that almost anyone could do it. As fibre glass is waterproof you will not have to carry out the sort of repairs that you would have to on some roofs and there will be less damage to the interior of the house or the structure. There is no special equipment needed to carry out the repair other than the items you can buy in the pack. The resin and hardener can be mixed in an ordinary household bucket and then brushed onto the area in need of repair. Some form of protective wear the gloves are provided and it is best to make sure that you do protect your hands when working on the fibre glass roof.

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