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Roof Repair Compound

Introduction to Roof Repair Compound

When your roof has been damaged in a storm or you are having leaks come through the roof, you will want to have the roof repaired as soon as possible. The first thing that you will need to do is assess the damage and see how much of the roof is damaged and to what extent. This will help you in determining what type of materials you will want to use to fix the roof damage. You may decide to have this damage repaired yourself or hire a contractor to do the repair for you. Both ways the process is the same and a decision will need to be made about what to use to repair the damage that was done to the roof. You will want to choose products that will not just repair the damage for now but will last for year to come. Many homeowners and contractors choose to use a roof repair compound to fix their roof.

Using a Roof Repair Compound

A roof repair compound is a thick and flexible material that can be used to repair roofs and works great especially if you know where the damage is and the damage is minimal. The compound can be placed on almost all types of roofing materials like asphalt, iron, slate, lead, copper and cement and is great for filling in cracks in tiles and slate. A roof repair compound is relatively inexpensive and can be applied by just using a putty knife or a steel trowel. Anyone with just a little bit of construction work experience will be able to easily use roof repair compound.

How to Apply Roof Repair Compound

When you are planning on using roof repair compound, the first things that you will need to do is to thoroughly clean and dry the surface that you are going to apply the compound to. You will need to remove any debris that is on the roof like grease, sap or moss to allow the compound to only attach to the roof and not anything else. This will give the compound a better ability to seep into the cracks and to provide the protection that your roof needs.

You will next need to get your roof repair compound ready to apply to the roof. Some roof repair compounds come already mixed and can be applied right away to the roof and other roof repair compounds come in a powder form and they need to be properly mixed with water before they can be applied to the roof. You should read your specific brand of compoundís directions and determine what if anything needs to be done to it so that it is ready to apply to the roof. If it is cold outside it is best to mix and store your roof repair compound in a warm location until you are ready to use it.

You can simple apply the roof repair compound with a putty knife or steel towel and allow the compound to seep into and fill-in the cracks found on the roof. This compound takes a while to harden so take your time to make sure that the entire crack is filled in and then you can flatten the compound out so there are no bumps on your roof. If you desire, you can paint over the compound so that it matches the colour of your roof.

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