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Emergency Roof Repair

Introduction to Emergency Roof Repair

For many people when they see the first signs of water dripping through the ceiling it is not the start of a major problem. It can be just a small blockage or the beginning of water spilling out of a bath when the tap has been left on. Unfortunately there are occasions when the job is going to take a lot to sort out and before someone can come in to complete it properly there will need to be an emergency roof repair attempted.

Emergency Roof Repair Safety First

The repairs may need to be done for a number of reasons such as very heavy rain, a strong wind or in some cases just general wear and tear. If the job is not done, the rest of the property may suffer damage making it a much bigger job than it has to be. As with any job safety is important and the work should be carried out in the best conditions possible. If the job needs a hammer or nails to do the repair make sure that you keep a tight hold on them. It will be easy for them to fall and either hurt anyone who is walking past or cause you to fall while you are reaching for them.

Emergency Roof Repair

The first thing to do is make sure that any water or damaged tiles are moved. The water is especially dangerous as it can seep through and damage the structure of the house as well as making conditions up there hazardous. It is important to have the right equipment to carry out the emergency roof repair and you would be better waiting until you have them rather than trying to use inferior products.

Firstly make sure that the area is clean before you stick the temporary patch on. Any bits of dirt and water left there will make the patch ineffective and it may not even last until the proper job is done. Great care should be taken not to do any more damage than has already occurred. While this will not be done deliberately accidents do happen and rushing in and not being prepared will make the job longer and harder than it needs to be.

While you may only be carrying out a temporary repair it is important that you use the correct materials. There is no point in doing a rushed job with inappropriate equipment and then thinking you are safe until the main job is done. This will just give you a sense of false security and you could end up with bigger problems than before. It is also important to make sure that you are not carrying out procedures that may make a warranty or insurance policy invalid. You may think stopping the leak is the most important thing, but check carefully before you start.

If you are going to carry out an emergency roof repair it should be done as soon as possible after the damage occurs or it will not be as effective and will be much harder to carry out. It is best not to leave it too long before calling in a professional as the temporary work may not hold up.

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