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Flat Roof Repair

For those of us in colder climates like the UK, flat roof repair is actually something that we have to do pretty often. While flat roofs are relatively uncommon on houses, they're popular on garages and also extension buildings thanks to the fact they're really affordable and quick to install. However thanks to the cold weather in the UK, flat roofs tend to have problems such as water pooling, sagging and eventually leaks. This makes flat roof repair something that almost every DIY aficionado knows about!

Today, flat roof repair is pretty easy and anyone can carry out relatively minor repairs as there are countless DIY products available on the market to make doing minor repairs yourself a great deal more affordable than calling in a professional. However, before making that decision it's important to assess the damage thoroughly because you may find out that DIY flat roof repair doesn't fix the problem for long.

With felt and asphalt roofs being the most popular, the biggest problems people encounter is basically the fact that chemicals in the roof coating are slowly washed away or bleached by the sun. Because of this, the roof eventually loses its waterproofing and you notice leaks. With a typical felt / asphalt roof lasting around 20 years, good maintenance and rapid flat roof repair will ensure your roof stays waterproof.

When it comes to flat roof repair, normally using a roof sealant and caulking gun is suitable for filling in cracks and repairing flashing, whereas repairing leaks in the flat area of the roof will require cleaning, and patching using a roof patching kit. While flat roof repair can be done my almost anyone, it's also important to remember that a flat roof doesn't last forever!

As a result, preventative maintenance is always well advised as it will help your roof last longer. One example is to apply roof coating to the roof regularly which can help seal the roof and ensure that it remains waterproof for longer. There are many different types of roof coating available, and they serve all sorts of purposes such as reflecting heat and the likes.

Today, when it comes to ensuring that your roof is waterproof, you'd be surprised to realize that one of the most essential forms of roof repair is actually cleaning gutters regularly. Blocked gutters in winter can spell disaster as water will eventually get into flashing, form puddles and damage your roof severely. As a result, checking your gutters regularly is one of the best ways to care for your roof and also one of the most essential flat roof repair activities.

Flat roof repair isn't difficult, however while it's easy to spot leaks, it's important to also ensure you check flashings and gutters to ensure that the entire roof is protected. There's nothing worse than having to call contractors in to replace the entire roof because of rotting wood thanks to leakage. By performing regular maintenance, you'll not only save money, you'll have a roof that lasts a great deal longer than just 20 years.

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