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Flat Roof Repair Costs

Introduction to Flat Roof Repair Costs

However well you feel that you have looked after your roof there is always the chance that it will get damaged. There are things you can do to protect it such as making sure that rain does not get in and that birds do not damage any of the sealants but there will always be instances beyond your control. This could range from excessively bad rain to winds that are so strong that they rip part of the roof away. Not many roofs have items fall on them but if there is building work happening near to the roof and something falls on it a great deal of damage can be done.

In many cases insurance will cover the costs and this may be either your own or another companies in cases such as an item falling on it. The cost of a repair will depend on a number of things such as the size of the roof and the amount of damage that has been sustained.

Who can do a Flat Roof Repair?

If you feel very confident you will be able to do the job yourself. It will be best to take into account your own capabilities as if you make a mistake it can cost you dearly but if a company do not do the job properly they will have to make it good at their own expense. The area of the roof will determine how much you need to pay. It will be best to look at a few companies before choosing one as cheap is not always best value. Some firms will charge a great deal and this also does not mean that they will provide a good quality of work.

A fairly average price at the moment appears to be around £750 for a 20m sq roof. If you are given a price it will be worth finding out what is included in it. You may accept a supplier and then find out that they only do part of what another company would do for either slightly more or the same amount. The same sized roof has received a quote of £1600 for a complete rebuild.

Types of Flat Roof Repair

Again, the type of repair to be carried out will affect the cost. Just replacing some of the felting will clearly cost a lot less than a complete rebuild. The amount of time that needs to be spent working will affect the flat roof repair cost.

If you have any knowledge of roofing do not be afraid to ask questions to find out firstly what your builders know and also to what extent are they going to do the job properly. One easy question to ask is how many layers of felt are they going to put down. If they say three then they seem to know what they are doing and should be safe to use. Also make sure that they are protecting the roof from sun as well as rain.

Donít be afraid to ask for a visit before a quote is made as a true professional will be glad to do that Ė and it should be free.

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