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Felt Roof Repair

Felt roof repair is a great deal easier than many people think, and often when a leak appears, there's nothing complicated needing to be done other than simply patching the hole. With felt roof repair on flat roofs, it's simple, straightforward and almost anyone can do it. The only things you need are some basic tools, a ladder and some common sense. Compared to the expense of hiring a roofing contractor to undertake minor repairs, often you can save a great deal by simply doing it yourself.

Felt roof repair really can be done by just about anyone. Generally speaking felt roofs aren't too high, and they can be easily accessed using a ladder. When it comes to fixing a leak, it's best to do it in the following order;
  1. Clean and inspect gutters for blockages This is the most common cause of felt roof leakage in the UK. Blocked gutters mean that water collects on your roof and in winter it can freeze which creates no end of problems.
  2. Locate the leak and inspect not only the felt roof but also the surrounding flashing (metallic or lead covering on the edge of the roof) to make sure it's well sealed. If there are gaps or holes, fill them with roof sealant.
  3. Clean the roof and ensure that the area surrounding the hole that causes the leak is clean. Using a felt roof repair kit, follow instructions and seal the hole.
Felt roof repair is that simple. However, there are homes that use felt roof tiles on angled roofs. To repair an angled roof, you'll need to follow similar instructions however if slightly more major repairs are needed, you may find that you have to replace whole tiles.

While this process sounds complicated, felt roofing tiles are actually really easy to replace thanks to the fact they are adhesive. Then it's a simple case of removing the damaged areas and replacing them with new tiles. It's always best to nail tiles accordingly using wide headed galvanized roof tack nails for extra security.

It sounds complicated, but the great thing about felt roof repair is that almost anyone can do it. With felt roof repair kits readily available in DIY shops, you can save a great deal if you opt to do it yourself. However when working on angled roofs, it's important to take suitable precautions to ensure your own safety. In some circumstances, you may need to hire scaffolding and roof ladders in order to work safely on the roof.

With large scale felt roof repair, it's always best to hire a roofing contractor who has the tools and expertise to repair not just the roof but also guttering, cornice tiles, ridge tiles and also to install lead / aluminium flashing to ensure that your roof is entirely waterproof. Felt roof repair is great if you can do it, but ultimately if you're not comfortable working at heights or a DIY hobbyist, then it may very well be best to hire a roofer.

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