Roof repair

Rubber Roof Repair

Introduction to Rubber Roof Repair

Roofs are an obvious necessity and roof leaks and problems are something that most of us have experienced at least once. There are various ways to fix the roof issues but one thing is for sure: roof problems are among the problems that definitely need to be fixed and the delay in doing so should be minimal. Rubber roofs are no exception and the only main difference between them and other roof types is the way the repair is done.

Do-It-Yourself Rubber Roof Repair

If you are sufficiently skilled in manual work and feel confident that the leak is minor enough for you to be able to fix it, there is no need to pay for someone to do something that you can do yourself. Do-it-yourself guides are now available just about everywhere and the necessary tools can be acquired in any DIY store.

In order to make sure that you will not need to stop in the middle of the repair, buy the following tools before starting it:
  • A ladder to reach the roof
  • Paint-Brushes to spread the rubber substance
  • Rubber gloves for hygiene reasons
  • Seams Probe tool and Silicone Hand Roller for the actual repair
The brushes should be acquired at a roofing warehouse that will guarantee compatibility with the cleaning solution and the adhesive.

Once you start the repairs check all the seams on the roof since this is the most likely location for leaks. Apply the adhesive substance on both seam surfaces. It is recommended that the adhesive width reach 6-8 inches. The seams then need to be put together with the Silicone Hand Roller. For a better result, you can apply seam tape it will mean all your repairs will last longer.

The exact time that it will take for the leaks to reappear depends on whether there is ponding water and whether condensation and moisture is trapped under the rubber. Usually you will have to check your roof about once a year.

Hiring Rubber Roof Repair Options

If time is not something very available to you, or you don't feel your skills are up to the task you can always hire someone else to do the job for you. Depending on where you are located, you can use some of the following options:
  • Appropriately named, the Roof Repair Company ( offers roof repair services for commercial and residential clients. Their services are mostly available in Lanarkshire and Scotland.
  • For the London area, you may want to try London Flat Roofing (, offering flat roof repairs, but also rubber roofing services.
  • Yorkshire residents can contact KCS Roofing ( offering solutions to all kinds of flat roof problems. Their services include the modern flat roofing sealant and the EPDM rubber membrane.
  • Roofing999 ( is a company that offers its services to residents in the London and Essex areas. They cover all types of roof repairs, but also additional services like solar panel installations, over cladding systems and renovation works.

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