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Vinyl Roof Repair

Introduction to Vinyl Roof Repair

Vinyl roofs on cars are very popular and very attractive hence it is not surprise that many people have these kinds of roofs. However, the main disadvantage of any vinyl roof is the fact that it will need some repairs done, sooner or later. The main problem with vinyl roofs is the fact that they are pretty easily damaged. They can be damaged by tree branches, ice, snow, hail or even a lot of sunshine. Over time, the vinyl roof of any car will start showing some irregularities, and when the time comes every car owner will have to think about vinyl roof repair.

Vinyl Roof Repair or Replacement

Vinyl roof repair is only available in situations when the car roof is not severely damaged. The main thing is to determine whether the rest of the car roof is in good enough condition to be left there. If not, there is no point in repairing the vinyl roof, because people will end up repairing it again and again until the roof becomes impossible to be repaired further. In these situations, it is best that people choose to replace the whole vinyl roof of the car in question. This might sound like a waste of money, but there are situations in which a repair is just not possible.

Do It Yourself Vinyl Roof Repair

Vinyl roof repair can turn out to be quite an easy task to do, if people have enough knowledge about the subject and the right materials and tools at their disposal. Here are the simple steps of DIY vinyl roof repair:
  • Firstly, the damaged surface needs to be washed with soap and well dried in order for all the dirt to be removed and for the repair to begin properly.
  • Secondly, the damaged edges should be removed from the area in question.
  • Then, the size of the damaged area should be measured and a fresh vinyl patch should be provided. The patch should be somewhat bigger than the damaged area.
  • After this, a thin layer of vinyl glue is to be applied on the vinyl patch using a paintbrush.
  • After applying the glue, the patch should be pressed down on the damaged area, allowing it to be glued to the existing vinyl which is strong enough to hold it.
  • After the patch has been glued, the car roof should be left for 24 hours for the glue to dry.
The vinyl is available in many different colours, so it is important to buy the vinyl patch in the exact same colour as the car roof in question, in order for the vinyl roof repair to be perfect. All in all, vinyl roof repair should be done carefully with ease. The glue which is used should not get in touch with the skin, and it is recommended that gloves are used during the process. Also, it is important to mention that the vinyl patch may look slightly different from the rest of the car roof in the beginning, but the colour will blend and become the same in time.

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