Roof repair

Shed Roof Repair

Introduction to Shed Roof Repair

Sheds are useful, whether they are used as home offices, garages, workshops, for general storage or living space. This is why shed roofs need to be fixed just as fast as your residence's roofs, as soon as leaks occur. Leaking shed roofs usually happen due to the weather (the notorious English rain is not entirely roof-friendly) and in order to prevent the insides from being damaged by rain, any damaged roof shingles need to be promptly repaired.

A Few Simple Steps for Shed Roof Repair

In order for the repair to go well you need the following tools:
  • A pry bar
  • Nails (8 per damaged shingle)
  • New shingles (as many as you have damaged)
  • A trowel and roofing cement
  • A ladder to reach the roof
  • You may want to also use a safety harness for steep roofs
The first thing you need to do is check the roof and see exactly where and how the leak happened. Make sure you discover all the leaks so that all of them can be covered in one go. You can use a pry bar to slide under the shingles that are damaged and pry them up. Don't forget to pull out the nails from the lower side of the shingle.

The next step is making some room which you will do by prying up the shingle that is above the damaged spot. You will therefore need to use the pry bar to wedge up the shingle above and then pull out the four nails on the upper side of the damaged single.

With the nails now removed, you can safely extract the damaged shingle. You can insert the new shingle in the remaining spot make sure that it is still covered by the shingle above. Attach the bottom half first, using a hammer to place in the nails (use four nails as before). Then hammer four more nails in the bottom part of the above shingle. You can then use a trowel in order to place roofing cement over the shingle that you just installed.

Hiring Help for Shed Roof Repair

If you decided that this is not something you can or want to do safely, you can attempt hiring helpers. Roofing companies are available all over the UK and in order to locate them you can try visiting:
  • The Find Your Company website ( offers lists of companies that perform shed roof repairs all over the UK including the city they are located in and a small presentation that should help you make a short list. Detailed presentations include contact information and a Google maps localisation of the offices.
  • My Hammer ( is a website that intermediates between roof and guttering services providers and their potential clients. The website includes client recommendations for each provider and quotation examples for different jobs (a history of the latest quotations offered by each service provider), allowing you to be able to estimate what the job will cost you before you order it.

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