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DIY Roof Repair

DIY roof repair is a popular hobby for enthusiasts because we're exposed to all sorts of weather in the UK and unfortunately, it can take its toll on all sorts of roofing. From garage roofs to sheds and even convertible roofs on sports car, the weather is our worst enemy and as a result, roof repair is pretty much essential. To save money, DIY roof repair is a great way to cut on costs by replacing tiles and performing your own minor repairs and maintenance.

Today, the good news is that the Internet is filled with all sorts of DIY roof repair guides and manuals. With DIY chains providing all the tools and resources you need, it's not just possible to do your own DIY roof repair, it's actually really easy. It's also one of the best ways to ensure that your roof is well cared for and your home well insulated. Take a look at our tips below for some DIY roof repair advice for total beginners.
  1. Take a look at your roof regularly After bad weather, always take the time to inspect your roof for damage as if you lose a slate or tile, it's essentially a hole in the 'armour' that waterproofs your home. With just one piece missing, your home is vulnerable. This includes looking in your attic or loft for signs of damp.

  2. Don't be afraid to climb a ladder so that you can inspect the roof more closely and carry out minor DIY roof repair activities. Only do this if you feel comfortable doing so. When you're up there you want to be looking for tiles that are out of place, checking to ensure the chimney is OK and that lead flashing (the silver bits that waterproof joints) are all sealed.

  3. Don't forget to check flat roofs Your garage roof is perhaps the most vulnerable roof because it's flat and that means it can develop a leak easily as felt / asphalt roofing can wear over time. As a result, be sure to get on the roof and check thoroughly for signs of sagging and puddles.

  4. Remember to clear your gutters regularly Gutters are essential in ensuring your roof drains quickly and it's an essential DIY roof repair activity. If your gutters are blocked, water will be stuck on the roof which can rot timbers, nails and cause major problems over time.

  5. Take advantage of roof treatment In the case of felt / asphalt roofs there are special treatments available which you can apply to your roof to reflect the sun's rays and increase the waterproofing of the roof. It can extend the life of your roof by years! DIY roof repair isn't complicated and as you can see it only takes a few hours every three to six months to check things over and ensure that nothing is happening. DIY roof repair can be done by anyone with just a few tools. By performing your own repairs and maintenance you can save a small fortune compared with having to call out a roofing contractor every time you lose a tile.

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